Utilizing natural fiber Human Plant Solutions has created an alternative to often caustic, high cost, conventional ultra light composites for prosthetic and device manufacturing. Through sustainable manufacturing, mobile patient care, fast turnaround times and competitive rates. We have created an ecosystem that caters to patients, practitioners and technicians.

If you are a new prosthetic patient or are looking for a Hemp Prosthetic, please contact us to learn more.

Human Plant Solutions is the exclusive provider of Hemp Prosthetics


Resin Solutions

Formulated to lead the industry in Flexural and Tensile Strength, Heat Distortion along with being one of the only VOC/Styrene free resins in the prosthetic industry.

Fabrication Lab

Our ABC credentialed technicians manufacture definitive devices with state of the art materials and processes.

NoGlass Fab Kit

NoGlass Kits include everything you need to manufacture with safety and sustainability,. Each kit includes, 4 layers NoGlass, 2 layers NSP braid, 4 NSP strip tapes, 3 PVA bags, Gloves, Mixing sticks. 32oz Nex-Step Resin

Human Plant Solutions Understands the tremendous burden that can be created by healthcare expenses. We will make every attempt to try to ease that burden. We ask that our patients understand the complex and costly process that is involved in fabricating customized prosthetic and orthotic devices.

We will be happy to assist you in working out a payment or discussing possible alternative avenues of funding. However, we cannot begin fabrication of a device until insurance verification is completed or other financial arrangements are made.

Our vision includes improving the lives of customers with affordable, sustainable prosthetic solutions. Human Plant Solutions is educating skilled patient care providers and technicians, creating a community of innovation around sustainable products. By utilizing natural materials we are less dependent on carbon, petroleum based products and synthetic polymers. Finishing laminated fiberglass and carbon fiber causes extreme skin and respiratory irritation. Conventional materials are often very high cost and extremely caustic to work with for fabricators and device manufacturers. Working in agricultural production, manufacturing and fabrication of hemp-based materials, our goal is to improve lives and to move into other markets that can and will develop products proudly labeled “Made in the USA”.

Our Team

Sam Spallitta

CEO, Founder

Sam has worked heavily in the medical device and Hemp industry giving him a strong network and the adaptability to navigate this new market and its exponential growth.

Kyle Trivisonno

CTO, Founder

Board certified Prosthetic Technician, 5 years as Lead Technician and Lab management experience at a high paced prosthetic care practice.


Human Plant Solutions values strategic partnerships and supports the Hemp community as we pave the way for domestically produced and spun fiber.  We advise on further value additions from other parts of the plant that have not traditionally been seen as valuable, specifically hurd and seed. Human Plant solutions has partnered with Colleges and Universities for innovation and economic development for their students. Human Plant Solutions will bridge the gap embracing Entrepreneurship and Innovation for Healthcare, Agriculture and Academia.

Research & Development

Do you have an idea for implementing a sustainable product into the marketplace? Through the Human Plant Solution community and R&D team we can assist you every step of the way. Through sustainability and domestic partnerships we can develop a future of safe manufacturing in the United States.

  • Prototyping
  • Manufacturing
  • Equipment Sourcing
  • Engineering
  • Partnerships
  • Grants.