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Noglass Fabrication

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Human Plant Solutions L.L.C.

Utilizing natural fiber Human Plant Solutions created a patent pending alternative to often caustic, high cost, conventional ultra light composites for prosthetic and device manufacturing. In 2017, we developed the first hemp fiber definitive device prototype for a high activity, below knee amputee. Utilizing sustainable material we are less dependent on carbon, petroleum based products and synthetic polymers.

Working in agricultural production, manufacturing and fabrication of hemp-based materials, our goal is to improve lives, support sustainability and to move into other markets that can and will develop products proudly labeled “Made in the USA.”


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Introducing the future of prosthetics! Say goodbye to carbon fiber and hello to our new eco-friendly and safer material. Not only is it better for the planet, but it's also better for the amazing technicians who create these life-changing devices.


Imagine a world where prosthetics not only empower amputees but also protect the planet. That's the future we're working towards with our new eco-friendly material.

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We're proud to offer this cutting-edge technology that is revolutionizing the way we approach prosthetics. Join us on this journey towards a better, brighter future.

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Our new eco-friendly material not only provides a safer and more comfortable experience, but it also gives us the chance to make a positive impact on the environment.

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noglass fabrication

"One size fit all"Each kit comes with 5 segments of material [180 inches in length or 15 feet at 10x36].

[420 inches in length or 35 feet at 5x84 inches]

Each piece in its present form is 10 inches wide by 36 inches long:

Please note the material has the ability to adapt to up to a 5 inch width and 84 inches in length per segment.

-Recommended layup for patients under <250lbs Reflect 4 segments (8 layers) of natural bast fiber laminating sleeves over positive model and laminate device as you would using conventional materials. For 2 stage lamination, use 4 layers on the first and four layers on the second.

-Utilize optional reinforcement strip material: fiberglass, armamid or carbon. "Woven natural fiber upon request" to strategic points of the socket. (Distal end, connection point, M/L, A/P) When using carbon or glass if possible, avoid trim lines so you avoid the risk of grinding synthetic fibers.

-It's important to understand to not "over string" or under saturate the lamination, The natural fiber is engineered to absorb resin so be sure you mix up an adequate amount.

-Sew and cut desired material or "Fred's Legs" sleeve on the final layer for custom graphics or designs.

Additional layers and reinforcement may be required for patients in excess of >250 pounds. For lightweight patients or those who require a more dynamic soket use a minimum of 3 segments reflecting (6 layers)

Next-Step resin styrene free

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Saftey in mind

Formulated to lead the industry in Flexural/Tensile Strength, and Heat Distortion. One of the only VOC/Styrene free resins in the prosthetic industry.

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1200 Washington rd. Suite B Newton KS 67114

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